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Print copies are available and delivered by economic airmail worldwide. An invoice will be sent once the order has been confirmed. The prices for annual current issue will be 300 USD and 150 USD for past years (only limited offer). As to colored images, colored print copies are only available if the author wants to, otherwise, it is in black and white. Payment by business check, personal check or bank check in US$ to Biodiversity Association of Taiwan; e-mail us ( for details on payment by bank transfer or in other currencies (e.g. EUR, GBP, AUD). Electronic payment (e-payment) are accepted for orders from most countries (please ask for exceptions). Order or request for invoice by e-mail is preferred. Please supply mailing/billing address, e-mail address, and purchase order number.

Standard orders require 2–3 weeks from order confirmation to delivery.

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The Journal presentation copies are available in NTU Press bookstore. You can contact National Taiwan University Press and ask for good price.
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We encourage research librarians to list this journal among their library's electronic journal holdings. Our website is

Taiwania is able to exchange for any publication related to Life science or Biodiversity. If you are interested in receiving the hard prints, please send the following information to

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