Research Paper

Thaxterogaster shoreae, a new species of Thaxterogaster subg. Scauri sect. Purpurascentes from Sal Forest of India based on morphology and molecular phylogeny

Aniket Ghosh, Dyutiparna Chakraborty, Manoj E. Hembrom, Alfredo Vizzini, Kanad Das

Published on: 03 January 2023

Page: 23 - 30

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2023.68.23


Routine macrofungal explorations of different Shorea robusta dominated forest areas of Jharkhand and West Bengal are being undertaken since 2020. A specimen classified as "Thaxterogaster" was collected recently from these states and here proposed as Thaxterogaster shoreae sp. nov. within subg. Scauri sect. Purpurascentes. Detailed morphological description, illustrations 2-locus phylogenetic estimations and comparisons with respective allied species are provided. Moreover, in this communication one new combination in the genus Thaxterogaster is also proposed.

Keyword: Basidiomycota, Cortinariaceae, macrofungi, , Shorea robusta, Taxonomy, Thaxterogaster indopurpurascens

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