Additions to the orchid flora of China and taxonomic notes on orchids of Eastern Himalaya region

Mengkai Li, Shenshen Pang, Jianping Deng, Xueda Chen, Wei Wang, Lu Tang, Yan Luo, Zhen Xing

Published on: 25 February 2023

Page: 106 - 115

DOI: 10.6165/tai.2023.68.106


Based on the botanical explorations in Eastern Himalaya region of Xizang in China during the period 2020 to 2021, seven orchid species, Bulbophyllum gamblei, B. trongsaense, Dendrolirium ferrugineum, Taeniophyllum javanicum, Nervilia macroglossa, Trachoma rhopalorrhachis and Uncifera lancifolia, are reported as new records for China. Trachoma Garay is a newly recorded genus in China. Detailed descriptions and photographic illustrations of each species are provided in this paper to facilitate identification. Additionally, B. xizangense has been revised as a synonym for B. linzhiense. Further, a new combination is made in accordance with current orchid taxonomy, Dendrolirium pachyphylla (≡Pinalia pachyphylla).

Keyword: China, geographical distribution, new record, Orchidaceae, Eastern Himalaya, Xizang

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